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Our world has changed. We move and travel more than ever before – we are truly mobile. We want to feel safe wherever we go and we want to take care of our loved ones at home. Our aim is to make the world a safer place for everyone.

GEDIS: global, accurate & fast

caregency is the lead agency for GEDIS, the Global Emergency Data Interchange System. GEDIS provides rapid and accurate information about an emergency situation, so people all over the world get help as fast as possible.

development for a safer world

We developed EMDIF, the Emergency Data Interchange Format. This structured data format is free to use for everyone. Our GPSAP (Global Public Safety Allocation Proxy), a service for health and security apps, uses EMDIF as an unified emergency format.


caregency supports these organizations

international red cross

International red cross

medicine sans frontieres

Medicines sans Frontieres

caritas international

Caritas Internationalis

b-caredCheck out: b-cared, the emergency app for elderly people
Developed for the safety of elderly people living alone.
b-cared calls for help. Even if the person in need can't.

About us

caregency was founded 2007. Our aim is simple: to make the world a safer place for everyone.

What we beleive in

Technology should be used to help all people.

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